The Hill Group Becomes ACIG Member

The Hill Group made the decision to become an ACIG Member effective May 31, 2012.  The Hill Group is ACIG's 40th premium paying member, and they are a great addition to our membership.

They are an Industrial/Specialty contractor operating almost exclusively in Illinois. Over their 75 years, they have been involved in a number of high profile Chicago Projects, i.e. Trump International Hotel and Tower.  They were an early adapter of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other productivity enhancements including prefabrication and modular construction. In addition, they have been involved in a number of successful projects that have utilized an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology.

Their services include Construction, Energy Efficiency/Sustainability, Energy Dashboard, Service and Building Maintenance, Commissioning/Test and Balance/LEED Consulting, Building Operations/Stationary Engineers, Engineering Services, Facilities Solutions and Architectural Systems.

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