ACIG Quality Management Division (QMD)

QMD is not one individual or division, but a national community of quality experts leading the way in construction quality for General, Industrial and Heavy Highway/Infrastructure builders.

  • As a professional service, QMD advances the professional development, knowledge and information services on behalf of its Member companies.
  • As champions of the quality movement, ACIG Members are driven by a sense of responsibility to enrich their lives, improve their workplaces and communities and make the construction world a better place by applying quality initiatives, processes, tools, techniques and systems.

QMD will be at the forefront of the quality movement, upholding and championing continued innovation in the field of quality. Quality can make a difference in any organization. Quality has blossomed into a much broader discipline aimed at leading, inspiring and managing a broad range of construction businesses and activities, always with a focus on excellence. We offer technology resources, concepts, tools, training and an active network of construction quality practitioners.

QMD also provides the Quality News Network eNewsletter, which provides a wealth of quality related information, articles, resources, Members’ best practices and much more.

The ACIG Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Platform launched in 2011 is a resource that bridges the gap between employees and information.  The lessons learned, standard document templates, standard forms and other best-in-class tools from existing Members' projects are available for use. The ASK materials will be from internal ACIG Member sources unless otherwise noted. This is not meant to be a stagnant storage platform, but a dynamic tool that will be updated frequently and made available to all employees via controlled access on the secure ACIG private website. The key to the continued success of ASK will be a dedicated and committed volunteer base as the QMD will rely primarily on volunteers to provide documentation and updates and carry out projects and activities.

In an effort to consolidate some travel activities, QMD provides webcasts/webinars on a variety of topics. This further provides a streamlined and expansive learning environment by enabling QMD to reach out to multiple locations of our membership at the same time.