Project Lifesaver

In June 2003, Project Lifesaver (PLS) began as a loss reduction initiative for ACIG to assist our Members in focusing their attention on strategic, well-defined initiatives to reduce the severity and frequency of their losses.  To date, we have reduced our expected losses in excess of $70 million for all lines of business from our benchmark year.  In addition, the following rate reductions exhibit the effectiveness of this initiative due to the teamwork between our ACIG contractors and the ACIG service teams, as well as the support displayed by our Members’ executive leadership.

  • 55% WC loss rate reduction
  • 62% GL loss rate reduction
  • 66% AL loss rate reduction

We continue to raise the bar as our goals for Project Lifesaver Phase III are (1) to prevent jobsite deaths, and (2) to achieve a 40% reduction in the PLS loss rates over the next four policy years.  In order to assist our Members in achieving this new set of goals, our strategic plans are to:

  • Develop an enhanced Root Cause Incident Investigation training program to assist Members in analyzing incidents and developing lessons learned (201 class).
  • Release the improved Safety Best Practices Survey incorporating near miss and wellness.
  • Conduct Safety Culture Evaluations and identify key characteristics of the top PLS performers.
  • Continue the annual Best Practices meetings with an emphasis on Executive and Operational leadership.
  • Conduct Annual Project Lifesaver meetings with a continued emphasis on the Contractor Action Plan.
  • Launch ACIG Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Platform to enable best practices sharing.
  • Enhance the Annual Fleet Safety Seminar.

We continue to strive toward our goal of ZERO!